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You are a mobile person who has embraced all the changes with technology.  You enjoy your flexibility to work from your home virtual office.  You want to be able to access everything you need online, but still have the support you need.  If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then this is why you should join Deed.  We have all the tools you need online, plus we host a weekly Zoom team meeting to keep the motivation high, and to address all your needs.  We give you the flexibility to work anywhere, any time with no desk fees, franchise fees, or a stuffy office environment.  Ready to join DEED?  Let's chat!


Veteran agent

85/15 split
$120 E & O fee per transaction
$150 Technology Coordination Fee
Skyslope Integration

Because you have been doing this for a while and are looking for a totally Awesome platform to run your business.  Also enjoy weekly motivational zoom call with the team.


New Agent

75/25 split
$120 E & O fee per transaction
$150 Technology Coordination Fee
Skyslope Integration 

You are brand spanking new and could totally use an extra hand.  This plan includes 1 team zoom call and a one on one call weekly until you reach your first $50,000.


Referral partner

We are always looking for great referral partners throughout the  US.  

If being a Deed referral partner sounds like something that is up you alley,  please fill out the short form below.